All about food recalls

All about food recalls

On average, there are two to three food recalls each day.

Did you know that food recalls reach two to three every day on average? Well, according to Susan Reef, who is founder of U.S. Food Safety.

Food contamination or tainted food can cause people to get sick -- sometimes really sick. In rare cases, food contamination can lead to death. This is why the government requires a food recall whenever a company learns about a mistake in their food quality assurance process or learns of a product contamination risk. A food recall occurs when there is a risk that a consumer could get sick.

Food recalls can be the result of a food product mislabeling, potential allergen found in the food, or discovery of an organism in the food product that could make a person ill.
Listeria, salmonella, e-coli are just a few of the reasons that food recalls are issued by the governement.

But the government isn't the only one that issues food recalls. Companies who manufacturer products offer put out voluntary food recalls.

Common items recalled include produce, such as cantaloup, lettuce and sprouts. Ground meat also sees an uptick in recalls, particularly during the summer months. Even our pets can get sick if their food is contaminated.

The fact of the matter is food recalls are a common and expensive part of the food manufacturing and distributing industries.

While we hope that food manufacturers cross every "t" and dot every "i" when it comes to food quality assurance, things slip through the cracks and mistakes happen. Consumers need to be extra diligent to heed the warning of food recalls.