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Pom mindfulness

Because nothing says meditation like squirting red juice all over your face.

That sounds really sarcastic, but I am serious here. I am onto something! Unless anyone else has already presented the idea of using pomegranates as a meditative instrument, in which case, I am terribly sorry.

My husband works in the grocery department of a large retail store and since they’ve had pomegranates on sale, we’ve been buying them like crazy. Before this, the only pomegranates we’d ever had were in the form of juice or flavor agents in, say, bubblegum. So it’s been a big treat for us all.

The thing is, I was intimidated about getting the seeds out of the fruit. They’re the only part you can eat, and I had heard it was a complicated process of submerging the fruit in water, draining the water and getting the seeds out, etc. Then I read about a woman who says you can just cut it in quarters, peel it apart, and pick the seeds out—a tedious process, but not impossible.

The first time I did this, it took me an entire episode of Sesame Street. My daughter kept stealing them from the bowl—which was fine; best snack ever!—so my pile never looked as big as I thought it should, but I loved the juice on my fingers. I didn’t love getting the membrane stuck on me, though, and I washed my hands often through the process.

Now when I do it, it only takes me about 20 minutes overall, and I am in love with the process. I know I’m lucky to have 20 minutes to spare at all when many moms don’t, but if you do get the time, I highly recommend cutting a pomegranate and slowly flicking out the seeds with your fingernails if you ever get the chance. It’s a completely different sensory experience that gives you a yummy end result while also providing you with plenty of meditative time. You sit there and do the repetitive motions over again and again, feeling the juice on your fingers, occasionally nibbling on a seed, and before you know it, you are dead calm. It’s absolutely incredible.

Yesterday when I got angry after reading something political, I sat down to peel a pomegranate. Wouldn’t you know that afterward, my anger had completely dissipated and I felt calm—not to mention the fact that I had a big bowl of delicious seeds to eat! If you have a hard time meditating and making your mind still, I really think you ought to give this a try. If nothing else, you get a healthy snack from it.